Junction Boxes




Intertek – Certified to CSA
Standards and Conforms to
IEEE standards.

Product Details

Cable termination boxes are designed to protect medium voltage cables in the harshest climates. Constructed with 12 gauge and up to 3/16” steel with rugged heavy duty welding these boxes can be designed to suit any customer needs.

These junction box are typically used in the mining industry; therefore, enclosure ratings are for outdoor use only (3R, 4 and 4X). All hardware is Stainless Steel.

Standard gland plates are used for incoming or outgoing cable connectors, a thin blow hole cover is used to relieve pressure, continuous ground bar inside and out for grounding, tin plated copper bus to provide cable termination and cast EC-A epoxy or porcelain insulators are used support bus.

Top cover can be bolt removable or hinged swingable. Optional IR windows mounted to view cable termination for heat monitoring.

Junction Boxes

12 Ga. Light duty Junction boxes are available in 1,3R,4,4X
Voltage: 5kV, 15kV and 25kV
Current: 600A-1200A

Standard paint finish consists of zinc primer and powder coat 61 or 70 grey.

– IR Windows to monitor heat on cable termination.
– Heat shrink on bus bars optional on 5kV and 15kV, mandatory on the 25kV.
– Ground ball studs for grounding in the field.

This product is not limited to the above. It is fully customizable to your requirements.